Display of some parts of the fully automatic palletizer production line

The name of this machine is the weight recognition bag pushing device, which works closely with the filling department to identify whether the weight reaches the standard after the filling is completed. After the standard is reached, it will automatically push it to the next link.

The name of this machine is overlock sewing machine. The bag will be sewn after the weighing is complete. The speed can be adjusted as needed. The switch detection of the bag sewing machine starts sewing after detecting the full bag on the trolley, and the bag clamp releases the bag.

The name of this machine is the conveyor belt. Its function is to transport the packaged materials to the pallet warehouse for final palletizing and palletizing. It can transport various bulk materials and various cartons. It has a wide range of applications for small items such as packaging bags, and accessories such as lifting baffles and skirts can be added to the conveyor belt.

The name of this machine is a pallet library. Its function is to place pallets in preparation for subsequent palletizing.

The name of this machine is the control cabinet. As the name suggests, it is the motor cabinet that controls the machine and controls the start and stop of the conveyor line.


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