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Automatic robot Depalletizer Automatic robot Depalletizer Automatic robot Depalletizer

Robot Depalletizer

The Robot Depalletizer is an advanced industrial automation robot that combines innovative technology and powerful performance to provide an ideal solution for automated depalletizing operations. It is suitable for unpacking work of food, building materials, etc. This robot is especially suitable for modern factories that require high efficiency and precise operations.

Product Details:

  • Maximum Reach: With a reach of 3.15 meters, the  Depalletizer can cover a larger working area, thereby increasing the flexibility and efficiency of operations.
  • Repeatability: The precision of 0.1 mm means that even during the most delicate operations, th Depalletizer can ensure extremely high accuracy, which is crucial for quality control.
  • Path Repeatability: The path precision of 0.3 mm ensures consistency of the Depalletizer during long-term operations, which is very important for maintaining the stability of the production process.
  • Controller: The IRC5 controller is a flagship product from ABB, offering a user-friendly interface and powerful programming capabilities. Whether in a single or dual cabinet configuration, it can meet the needs of factories of different sizes.
  • Weight: Weighing 1800 kg and with a robust construction, the Robotic Depalletizer can carry and move heavy goods while maintaining stability and durability.
  • Core Components: Designers have selected and designed high-quality motors, PLCs, pressure vessels, and engines to ensure that the Robot Depalletizer delivers reliable performance in various industrial environments.


The application of the Robotic Depalletizer is not limited to traditional industrial environments. With technological advancements, it has also begun to be applied in more complex and demanding scenarios. In summary, the Depalletizer is a multifunctional, efficient, and reliable industrial robot that can help enterprises achieve automation upgrades, improve production efficiency, reduce costs, and enhance product quality while ensuring safety. Whether in heavy industry or precision manufacturing, the Robot Depalletizer is a trustworthy partner.

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