Ton Bag Packaging Machine Introduction

The ton bag packaging machine is a professional equipment used for automatically packaging bulk materials, loading them into ton bags, and sealing them. Widely applied in industries such as chemicals, grains, and construction materials, this machine provides efficient and precise packaging solutions for businesses.

Key Features:

  1. Automatic Weighing: Equipped with an advanced weighing system, the ton bag packaging machine can automatically measure materials according to preset parameters, ensuring packaging accuracy.

  2. Automatic Bagging: After weighing, the machine automatically loads materials into ton bags, reducing manual intervention and improving packaging efficiency.

  3. Automatic Sealing: The ton bag packaging machine has an automatic sealing device that can seal bags automatically based on different bag types and sealing methods, ensuring firm packaging.

Technical Parameters:

  • Production Capacity: 30-40 bags/hour
  • Weighing Accuracy:+2%~5%
  • Power Requirements: AC380V±5%  50Hz

Main Functions:

  1. Efficient Packaging: Improves packaging efficiency, reduces labor costs, and adapts to large-volume and high-frequency packaging requirements.

  2. Flexible Adaptation: Can be flexibly adjusted according to different materials and packaging specifications to meet diverse packaging needs.

  3. Intelligent Control: Equipped with an advanced control system, it enables automated production, reducing operational complexity.

Application Areas:

The ton bag packaging machine is widely used in industries such as chemical raw materials, grains, and construction materials, providing businesses with efficient, precise, and reliable packaging services.

The above is a brief introduction to the ton bag packaging machine. If you have more questions or need detailed information, feel free to contact our professional team.

The jumbo bag packing machine can also be called jumbo bag packing machine, bulk bag filler, bulk bag filling machine, or jumbo bag filling mac, which all refer to the same kind of equipment. The equipment consists of a bulk bag filler hopper, a bulk bag filling frame, a weighing system, a sealing system, and a control system. Bulk bag filling equipment is a general term that can include ton bag packaging machines and other equipment related to ton bag packaging, such as conveyors, unloaders, etc.

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