Bottled water column palletizer

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Bottled water column palletizer

The Bottled Water Column Palletizer is an efficient rotary palletizing machine designed specifically for stacking operations of bottled water in water plants. Its key features include its powerful capacity and stable performance, capable of reaching a palletizing speed of up to 1500 barrels per hour. Below is a detailed introduction to the product:

Product Details:

  • Type: Rotary palletizing machine
  • Application Range: Exclusively for palletizing bottled water in water plants
  • Power: 5.5KW, ensuring robust machine operation
  • Net Weight: 1500kg, sturdy and long-lasting
  • Capacity: 1500 barrels/hour, efficiently managing large quantities of bottled water
  • Applicable Industry: Drinking water, especially for large bottled water production facilities
  • Material: Stainless steel, ensuring corrosion resistance and hygienic safety
  • Voltage: AC380V 50HZ, meeting industrial electricity standards

Product Features:

  • The Column Palletizer has a compact design, saving space and suitable for various factory layouts.
  • It utilizes an advanced automatic control system, which is user-friendly and easy to maintain.
  • The high level of automation in the workflow reduces labor costs and improves production efficiency.
  • The durable structure ensures a long lifespan, reducing long-term operational costs.


  • This Bottled Water Column Palletizer is mainly used in water plants, particularly suitable for large-volume, high-frequency palletizing tasks of bottled water.
  • It can quickly and accurately stack bottled water into stable columns, making transportation and storage more convenient.
  • It is adaptable to various specifications of bottled water, offering high flexibility to meet different customer demands.

By integrating this efficient Column Palletizer, water plants can significantly enhance their logistics and packaging efficiency, ensuring quick market delivery and customer satisfaction. Additionally, the stainless steel material also ensures safety when in contact with drinking water, complying with strict standards in the food industry.

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