Standard pallet wrapping machine

Quality of turnable pallet wrapper made by VPEKS Automation
* Designed and engineered in Europe
* Final assembly, testing, and programming before delivery
* ISO 9000 certification
* CE compliant
* Utilize high-quality components
* We test and pre-program every machine before shipment
We offer a wide range of optional accessories designed to enhance your stretch wrap turntable machine for increased efficiency and
productivity. Our add-ons and parts will improve the ROI and make them easier to use. We offer accessories which could help with:
* Easier Loading & oversized pallets (ramps for hand or e-pallet jack, extended frames with bigger turntables)
* Increased Efficiency (integrated scale & label printer, auto-film cutting)
* Unusually sized or unstable loads (top press plate)
* Extreme Environmental needs (cold or icy kit, Peltier cooler kit for hot environments)
* Enhanced Safety options (steel guarding), safety light curtains)
People Also Ask
Delve into our ‘People Also Ask’ section, where we address commonly asked questions and provide insightful answers about our
semi-automatic stretch wrap machines. Your curiosity, our expertise.
What Are Semi-Automatic Stretch Wrap Machines?
Stretch wrap turntable machines are industrial equipment designed to automate the process of wrapping pallets and loads with
stretch film. They provide an efficient, safe, and cost-effective solution for securing goods for transportation or storage.
How Do Semi-Automatic Pallet Wrapper Machines Work?
The operator places the pallet onto the turntable and attaches the film. Once the wrap cycle is initiated, the machine
automatically spins the pallet and applies the pallet stretch wrap film uniformly. After the cycle completion, the operator cuts
the film and removes the wrapped pallet.

Voltage220V.50HZ single phase
PowerTurntable 0.75kw, film carriage0.4 kw , column 0.37 kw
Wrapping sizeL500-1100*W500-1200mm
Wrapping height500-2000(can be customized)
Turntable diameter1650mm
Turntable height85mm
Max loading2000Kg
Machine sizeL2650*W1650*H2400mm
Machine weight700kg
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